South Korea Stand Up to Communist China Obstructing Their NATO Participation for International Cooperation

South Korea’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Choi Young-sam said at a regular press briefing, that “we reaffirmed our position on the obstruction of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) obstructing Asia-Pacific countries, including South Korea, to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and NATO summits, in order to discuss comprehensive cooperation programs with countries that share core values and norms, not to exclude or target specific countries.” Report has it on June 30th.  

Earlier, at its summit in Madrid, NATO adopted the “2022 Strategic Concept”, which clearly defines the ambitions and high-handed policies of the CCP as a challenge to security, among other matters of concern.

In response, Communist China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman and Ambassador to South Korea Xing Haiming strongly criticized NATO and demanded to stop spreading misinformation and provocative words and actions against the Communist regime.

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