Miles: CCP’s App Will be Banned Completely due to Indiscriminatory Collect Information

June 29th, Miles Guo said on a Gettr video that the United States will soon completely ban the use of Tik Tok, ZOOM, WeChat, etc., and all media Apps controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will be deleted from the root servers in the United States.

Miles revealed that Tik Tok, ZOOM, WeChat, and Alibaba are all a part of the unrestricted warfare launched by the CCP against the world.

Internationally, it is a reasonable and legal for countries to collect intelligence from each other, but it is an absolute crime to indiscriminatory collect ordinary citizen’s private information in peacetime.

The United States has rules in dealing with information at the civilian and social levels, and regard the collection of personal intelligence and information against its own people and civilians in other countries as activity of war.

Miles once again warned in the video that Alibaba, controlled by the Chinese Government, is a 24-hour thief of personal information, WeChat itself is designed to collect personal information, ZOOM has penetrated into the US governmental, judiciary and educational institutions from the first day. The Chinese people and many people in the system believe in the regime’s lies and believe that the CCP should indiscriminately steal information of all aspects of the United States, which is ignorant and terrible.

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