Russian Government Cuts 30,000 Civil Servants

Russian Prime Minister Mishustin said on June 28th that the Russian government has cut a total of 30,000 civil servants through institutional reforms, according to a report on June 29th.

The Russian government has carried out reforms in all federal-level agencies of power, involving a total of 45 ministries and departments of the Russian government, reducing the number of civil servants by about 30,000.

Data released by the Russian Ministry of Finance on May 17th showed that Russia had a fiscal surplus of about 1.1 trillion rubles from January to April 2022. As of that time, one ruble to $0.0135 would be $15.3 billion.

Russia, the world’s largest country, has only $15.3 billion that its finance ministry can spend, equivalent to the GDP output of Africa’s Gabon and Asia’s Laos.

The data issued by the Russian Ministry of Finance shows that the Russian government is running out of money. As there is no money to pay civil servants’ wages, the government had to cut them drastically. The huge expenses of the Russia-Ukraine war and the Western sanctions will continue to worsen Russia’s financial situation. If it continues, Russia will inevitably go bankrupt.

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