NFSC Top Priority is to Recover Chinese People’s Assets

On June 22nd, Miles Guo said in the live broadcast that the New Federal State of China’s primary concern is retrieving the wealth belonging to the Chinese people that was stolen by the kleptocrats and hidden in the West. The Whistleblower Movement has no interest in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime, since the CCP is about to reach its destined death.

Much of the wealth hidden in the Western countries originates from the CCP families. Wang Qishan’s confidence stems from the huge amount of Chinese wealth he controls and uses to bribe Western politicians, while colluding with dark forces.

The swamp will help the NFSC find more evidence and information on the flow of the wealth, such as the money flowing into elections, the deep web, and bitcoin.

The NFSC will legally use the Western judicial system to retrieve the wealth of the Chinese from Australia, New Zealand, England, Germany, and France. The NFSC will never allow the dark forces to harm our people.

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