Hong Kong New Education Secretary: Speaking Cantonese is Devil

The new Hong Kong government will take office on July 1st. It is expected that John Lee’s favorite, Christine Choi Yuk-lin will become the new Secretary for Education. It has caused strong dissatisfaction from Societas Linguistica Hongkongensis.

The Societas Linguistica Hongkongensis is a domestic NGO that defends the Cantonese language in Hong Kong. It mentioned that Christine Choi had been pushing for Mandarin education during her tenure as the language teaching support Officer in the Education Bureau before 2014. She has asked all schools in Hong Kong to create a Mandarin-speaking environment and to vilify Cantonese. She has also called Cantonese speaking children are devil in educational programs.

“Mr. Chan Lok-hang, convener of the Societas Linguistica Hongkongensis said that if Christine Choi took office, she would be more aggressive in suppressing Cantonese language education. In the past, without consulting public, all teachers in public schools, including foreign English teachers, were required to sign the Basic Law and pledge allegiance to the Hong Kong SAR.

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