The Latest News On The Russia-Ukraine War

As of April 27, the Russian army again has fired more than 15 times at five different settlements in Ukraine’s Sumy region, and it also carried out provocative shelling on the Ukrainian border community. Meanwhile, the Russian bombardment of Kharkiv and its neighbor has not stopped. According to reports, the Russian 6th Army, the Baltic Fleet, and members of the Northern Fleet maintained a partial blockade of Kharkiv. Currently, the personnel of the 1st Guards Tank Army, 20th Army, 35th Army, and 68th Army are slowly advancing from the direction of Bawinkov, about 50 kilometers south-west of Izyum, and some other Russian forces are conducting ground attacks from Slovyansk, but this may disperse part of the Russian army’s combat capabilities. Moreover, while the Russian army continues to shell the entire front lines of the Donetsk and Lugansk states, its progress in the region remains modest. It is reported that the two sides are engaged in intense fighting in Rubezhnoye, Popasnaya, and Malinka.
According to another Ukrainian source, the Azov steel plant in the city of Mariupol was hit by 35 airstrikes by the local Russian invasion forces, and one of the plant’s workshops caught fire, but the Ukrainian forces are still holding their positions around the perimeter. Although Moscow authorities claimed that fighting in Mariupol had stopped, the Russian army was still firing on residential and commercial buildings outside the Azov steel plant. For this reason, the Russian army’s claim that a humanitarian evacuation corridor is about to be established in the area was a trap.
On the other hand, the Ukrainian General Staff noted in a report that the Russian army suffered severe losses in the towns of Novo Dmitryvka, Bilohrudove, which are located near the Kherson-Nikolaev administrative border. Currently, the Russian forces had to continue shelling the entire line of contact on the southern front of Ukraine and missiles had hit Odessa, Zaporozhye, Dnepropetrovsk, and Nikolaev. Intelligence shows that Russia is forcing Ukrainian residents of Melitopol to join the Russian army.

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