The CCP Continues Comprehensive Nucleic Acid Testing and Has No Date for Lifting Bans

The Communist China reported 14,222 new domestic cases of CCP virus on Tuesday, including 34 cases confirmed in Beijing and 13,562 cases confirmed in Shanghai, which accounted for more than 90% of new infections.
On the same morning, the Shanghai government announced that from April 27, it would conduct a new round of mass nucleic-acid-and-antigen testing by district in the next four days. The results would help dynamically adjust the zone classifications in the city. At present, CCP classified all residential compounds, villages and business locations into three types of zones: lockdown, control and precaution. It was the third time since the lockdown on April 1 that the residents were required to cooperate with mass testing, where lifting lockdown became the government’s consistent stunt. However, after each round of citywide screenings, citizens with negative test results still had to stay at home.
In addition, Communist China reported 48 new deaths yesterday, all of whom were from Shanghai with an average age of 80.85. The authorities claimed that all the deceased suffered from serious underlying diseases. After admission, their pre-existing condition deteriorated and died, despite an attempt at resuscitation.

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