PAX Criminal Case Uncovers CCP’s Deep Infiltration into U.S. Judiciary System

On April 27, in a video posted on Gettr, Miles Guo excitedly stated that the PAX criminal case would become a landmark for exposing the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s deep infiltration into the U.S. legal, judicial, and intelligence industries through its BGY scheme (Social media control, Bribery & Sexual trapping).

The PAX case involves multiple groups of parties, including PAX, Duowei News (DWNews), Confidential Global Investigation (CGI), and Bruno Wu. PAX is affiliated with the Pacific Alliance Group (PAG), controlled by the senior CCP agent Shan Weijian. The CCP Ministry of State Security created DWNews as an overseas phishing and espionage website for intelligence gathering. With regards to CGI, its head is a former senior FBI official, as well as a partner and personal lawyer of Bruno Wu, CCP’s registered agent in the United States.
During the trial of the case, the CCP had been instructing DWNews to provide fraudulent evidence for PAX in a bid to jeopardize GTV and Miles Guo through the compromised judicial system. However, in the wake of the attempt, the conspired fraudulent evidence fabricated from seamless collaboration among Yu Pinhai of DWNews, Shan Weijian of PAG, and Bruno Wu will make the CCP’s deep infiltration into the U.S. judicial system come to light.

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