The CCP Actively Develops CCP Virus Vaccine Economy

The CCP Actively Develops CCP Virus Vaccine Economy “On April 26, China National Pharmaceutical Group Corp, China Biopharmaceutical Omicron variant CCP virus vaccine obtained clinical approval from the State Food and Drug Administration. As soon as this news was released, the shares of Sinopharm Group Corp rose by the daily limit, and the orders exceeded 600 million yuan. Shares of China National Accord Medicines Corp and Shanghai Shyndec Pharmaceutical Corp also rose.
According to public information, the company began its research stage on December 9, 2021, and it took less than three months to complete the entire process from development to experimentation, then to mass production. In March 2022, the process of various national inspection agencies will be followed, and clinical approval has been obtained in April. Thereafter, the batch of CCP virus vaccines will be subject to random, double-blind, cohort studies and other human trials.
Miles Guo previously mentioned that the solution to the economic downturn within the CCP is to sell vaccines. Currently, Communist China is facing huge economic pressure and vaccine disaster. The latest CCP virus vaccine of Sinopharm Group was approved by the CCP authorities at this time. It is consistent with Miles’s analysis, the CCP tried to cover up the economic and vaccine disaster with vaccines.

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