The CCP Accelerates China into North Korea Model Where Only Have Imperial and Slave Class

On April 26, Mr. Miles Guo warned in the GETTR video that the CCP is ready to let China enter the North Korean model. As long as the CCP exists, China will only have the imperial and slave level.
Miles Guo said that the CCP would start with multiple control over electricity, water, transportation, supply, material, spirituality, media, and right to speech so that Chinese people could live worse than animals and spend every day in struggle without dignity. In all large and medium-sized cities in Communist China, the CCP will do everything possible to torment the people.
However, the senior officials of the CCP will not be affected by the policy of ” exhausting people tirelessly” and will even be better off. There have been only two classes in China under the CCP regime, the imperial tier for senior CCP officials and the slave tier for the ordinary people.
Miles Guo warned that the CCP’s rule in the future would be more dictatorial, centralized and cruel. He hoped that our fellow fighters in China would take care of themselves and view future disasters rationally.

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