Wall Street’s Greed Determines The Fate of The CCP

During the broadcast on April 24th, Miles Guo shared with his fellow fighters how to view China’s cooperation with Russia with an open mind. Miles mentioned that the approach of so-called predestination or inevitability by merely summarizing some coincidental patterns in history and taking a long span of the time period to glimpse the present and the future of human beings obscures one’s eyes to see the bigger picture. If such a narrow perspective becomes mainstream, theories like Modelski’s Model or the Chinese 60-year cycle will undoubtedly become a shackle that confines human development.

In this regard, Miles cited the example of the continued cooperation between the CCP and Russia in the three decades following the collapse of the Soviet Union, which was based on their commonalities of communism, dictatorship, and the desire to enslave people, but such cooperation only happened in a small part of the history. In fact, the two sides spent more time having profound disputes, or even turning against each other in the past 100 years of recent history.

In addition, Miles said that Wall Street also plays a pivotal role in the U.S. checks and balances with the CCP and Russia. As a third party other than Democrats and Republicans, Wall Street, with vast monetary power, has implicitly influenced the lives and deaths of each party, such as forcing the disintegration of the former Soviet Union or supporting the CCP to stay in power after 1989 Tian’anmen Massacre and thus enslaving the Chinese people.

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