Miles Guo Parses The Inside Of Putin’s Tough-man Image

Miles Guo said in a live broadcast on 24 April, for years, Russian President Vladimir Putin has relied on maintaining a false “tough-man image” to demagogue the Russian public and thus making them a blind sense of worship.

In order to deceive Russians completely, Putin would begin preparing for workout training, oxygen supplement, or serum injections 3 weeks before his each visit, and the physical strength he presented to the public, as well as his every move, was calculated beforehand. Since Putin has undergone two surgeries, his body can’t continue to bear the side effects of the injections.

In this regard, Miles says that under the authoritarian system, the leader’s physical condition is closely linked to the national pride of life and whether the dictatorship wants to brainwash the people, as well as affect the country’s economic development. As for Putin, his character is extremely narcissistic, and perverted, coupled with the deterioration of his physical condition, which will have a direct impact on the outcome of the Russo-Ukrainian war, meaning there is no future for Vladimir Putin.

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