International Volunteers Say The NFSC RescueTent Is The Cornerstone Of The Rescue Station

A volunteer from Kentucky, USA, who greets the Ukrainian children in a bunny costume, shared in our interview that the the New Federal State of China(NFSC) and Rule of Law Foundation’s(ROLF) rescue tent are very important. As a volunteer on two trips to the front line in Poland, Mr. Bunnyman mentioned that in addition to helping the Ukrainian refugees, he also hoped to do his best to assist the NFSC rescue team.

He stressed the NFSC tent is the cornerstone of the entire Medyka rescue center: international volunteers from various organizations and institutes can get food and take breaks in the tent, not to mention they gained valuable fellowship there. For this reason, Mr. Bunnyman said the rescue efforts done by the NFSC rescue team in Ukraine are extremely historic.

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