Himalaya Exchange Opens The Future Of Financial Diversity

During the grand live broadcast on April 24th, Miles Guo referred to the future trend of world finance once again. Miles said that the U.S. used the dollar and the international funds settlement system SWIFT to impose sanctions on Russia after the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine war.
The move had certain restrictions on Moscow’s war capability, but in the long run, almost two-thirds of the countries in the world might avoid using the U.S. dollar payment system hereafter. The fundamental reason behind it was everyone was searching a financial settlement system that will not be weaponized. Under such circumstances, even though the United States might remain the world’s most powerful kingdom of high technology and finance in the next one or two hundred years, the dominance of the SWIFT system and the U.S. dollar would gradually decline.
In this regard, Miles believed that there would certainly come the era of digital currency, which would also bring an excellent opportunity and challenge for the Himalaya Exchange. The Himalaya trading system owned a secure, stable and encrypted digital currency, which would become a reliable choice for people in the future. Meanwhile, there would emerge other consequent secure and encrypted payment systems which cannot be used a military weapon, contributing to the diversification of global finance.

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