Fellow Fighters In Beijing Must Be Fully Prepared For Lockdown

In the live broadcast on April 23, Miles pointed out that many of the fellow fighters in Communist China have intended to leave Beijing to look for shelters in their hometowns. However, Miles advised them not to take such risks unless they are able to ensure that their hometowns are not under quarantined, and that they would be able to reach their hometowns safely.
In response to the question of whether fellow fighters should return to the countryside to avoid being locked down in Beijing, Miles advised that the fellow fighters should ensure that they would be able to arrive the countryside safely and would avoid being quarantined during their journey home. Furthermore, they should be able to survive wherever they go. Due to the above reasons, Miles therefore suggested that they should rather stay put, and be fully prepared with sufficient supplies of water, food, medicine, and equipped with good internet coverage, energy supply and necessary cooking tools to cope with any circumstances.
Miles also revealed that the CCP has stationed large numbers of troops in some areas such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, thereby imposing a month-by-month, intermittent quarantine policy on the local residents. At the same time, the CCP has attempted to implement military control over the impending outbreak of the CCP virus vaccine disaster. On the other hand, the CCP has also used the virus outbreak as the cover up to conceal and resolve the economic and political turmoil in the Communist China.

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