How the CCP Manipulates Confucianism To Serve Their Ruling(2)

After the Cultural Revolution, CCP rehabilitated Confucius. CCP gradually abolished the derogatory terms for Confucius in its history textbooks, no longer calling Confucius ideology as reactionary, rectified Confucius as “thinker, educator,” and gradually transitioned it from denial to affirmation. At the same time, the Confucius Foundation, an academic organization supported by the Chinese Communist government, was established, and the Journal of Confucius Studies was founded to serve the united front work of the Chinese Communist Party with Marxism as its guiding ideology.

In the era of Jiang Zeming, Hu Jin Tao, and Xi Jinping, they started to worship Confucius again. During this period, the CCP set up Confucius Institutes to promote the CCP’s Red ideology and steal overseas intellectual property under the guise of cultural exchanges. In addition, under cover of the Confucius Institute, it implements united front work on overseas Chinese in order to obtain maximum international interests. Internally, it requires the people to follow Confucius ideology, so as to realize a so-called “harmonious” society, then the people will no longer challenge the legitimacy of the CCP’s dictatorship and it will be a great help in maintaining the CCP’s ruling.

Therefore, no matter if the CCP opposes and criticizes Confucius, or if they rehabilitates and respects Confucius is essentially the same, because in the end they only have one purpose, that is, to maintain the CCP’s authoritarian dictatorship.

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