How the CCP Manipulates Confucianism To Serve Their Ruling(1)

Throughout the history of the Chinese Communist Party, from its establishment to being highly centralized in power, to the ultimate realization of exerting ongoing dictatorship on the Chinese people, and their expanding ambitions of global domination, all were inseparable with both their criticism and reverence of Confucius.During the New Culture Movement, Confucianism was vigorously criticized. On a journal “New Youth,” the CCP founding figure Chen Duxiu criticized Confucius fiercely, opposed taking Confucianism as a religion and so called “worshiped as the authority ” ; he criticized that Confucianism is closely connected with imperialism and its restoration, and argued that the doctrine of Confucius is not suitable for modern life. In an “culture serving politics” environment, anti-Confucianism was the trend. Marxism was introduced into China under the anti-Confucian political climate, with the CCP was established subsequently and made its fortune and grew stronger through promoting the ideology of anti-tradition and anti-Confucius.

During the Cultural Revolution, Confucius and Confucianism were severely criticized and denied. Confucius was demonized as a “complete restorative madness of reversing history,” “hypocritical political liar,” and “a parasite that sucks people’s blood and sweat,” Confucius’s thoughts were called “feudal thought.” After closing the 10th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the CCP required all political units to set up “Criticize Confucius groups” or “Criticize Confucius Offices”. They criticized Confucius with the real purpose of insinuating Lin Biao, establishing Mao Zedong’s educational ideology, and safeguarding Mao’s dictatorship.

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