Russian Ministry of Defense Research Institute building set on fire

According to the “Liberty Times” report on April 21, Russia’s Putin announced on the 20th that it had successfully tested the Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile, which is known as the “world’s strongest”. On the 21st, the Russian Ministry of Defense in Tver (Tver) The Second Central Research Institute building suddenly burst into flames, killing at least 5 and injuring 30.

The institute is responsible for the development of air defense weapons, as well as the manufacture of navigation, ground control systems, and the guidance and positioning of aircraft. The main Russian missiles, Iskander and S-400, are also designed in this building. It is reported that the Russian military successfully conducted a Sarmat test launch at the Plesetsk Cosmodrome in northern Russia on the 20th. The Russian Ministry of Defense said that it will greatly increase the combat power of Russia’s strategic nuclear weapons.

During the daytime on the 21st, a fire broke out in the institute. From the outgoing video, it can be seen that a lot of black smoke was emitted from the building, and the fire was quite violent. At least 5 people are known to have died and 30 people were injured. It is reported that the roof of the building also collapsed due to the fire. The local fire department was called at noon and went to rescue, initially suspecting that the fire was caused by old wires and plastics on the second floor of the institute.

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