Japanese Media Comments the Ukraine Crisis Deepens the Ties Between Japan and the EU

During a political commentary program on Japanese media, the host said Russia’s invasion of Ukraine made Japan and the EU understand their security policies were closely linked.

First, whether in the Far East or in Europe, the same Russia who believed might make right posed a threat to its neighbors including Japan, the EU, and NATO.

Second, during the previous meeting of NATO ministers of foreign affairs in early April, before Japan, who attended the meeting as NATO’s partner, raised the issue of Communist China, there had been some lively discussion about CCP, which NATO’s foreign ministers expressed concerns about no less than the Ukraine crisis. Finally, NATO representatives said ahead of their Japanese counterparts that Japan and Europe were faced with similar challenges, in addition, NATO and Japan stood on the same side.

As Miles Guo said, Xi Jinping’s ambition to occupy Taiwan was no less than Putin’s desire to conquer Ukraine. Given CCP’s control of Taiwan would have grave repercussions on Japanese security and stability, thereby jeopardizing American interests in the Indo-Pacific, the U.S. and Japan had no other choice but to defend Taiwan. CCP’s insanity was bound to awaken an even stronger Japan.

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