EU President Openly Says Ukraine Is the Heart of Europe’s Liberal Democracy

On April 20, European Council President Michel visited Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, to express solidarity with Ukraine, which is being invaded by Russia. The EU president then tweeted: “Today I am in Kyiv, the heart of liberal democracy in Europe.”

The EU has also visited Ukraine several times before. Among them, European Parliament President Mezzola visited Kyiv on the 1st of this month. On the 8th, European Commission President von der Leyen also went to Kyiv with the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Affairs Borrell, and met with President Zelensky. At the same time, he also visited the Butcha area near Kyiv where civilians were killed by Russian troops.

Miles Guo also pointed out in the live broadcast of GETTR that Ukraine’s political civilization and democratic social system have made Putin afraid. Putin’s crazy invasion and the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people will definitely achieve Ukraine’s core position in the EU. And what the EU president tweeted today further confirmed the accurate prediction of the Whistleblower Movement on the development of the current situation.

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