Another Wide Range of Sudden Power Outages in Kaohsiung

According to Taiwan media reports, a wide range of sudden power outages occurred around 9 am on April 23 in two areas of Taiwan’s Kaohsiung city. Taiwan power authority said that the incident, which affected 5730 households in two districts, was caused by a line fault on the BA22 feeder of the Grade 5A ultra-high voltage substation that caused the feeder to jump.

Several analysts believe that the incident is linked to the CCP’s “Sons of Taiwan” plan, revealed by Miles Guo. According to Miles Guo’s statement in his emergency broadcast on April 15, the CCP had officially launched the “Sons of Taiwan” operation on that day, aiming at taking over Taiwan at one stroke in large-scale riots created by attacking Taiwan’s electricity power, water supply, transportation, and internet system at any time. The CCP has also cultivated numerous traitors in Taiwan over the years, waiting for a vital moment to disintegrate Taiwan internally and benefiting themselves from working for the CCP.

In fact, since March 3rd, when a massive blackout hit Taiwan during former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s visit, power outages have occurred repeatedly throughout Taiwan, with Kaohsiung alone experiencing power outages on April 2, 8, and 16. Certainly, incidents at such frequencies cannot be purely unrelated to the CCP.

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