Only When Taiwan’s Active Resistance Can Win The Allies Into The War

In the Live Broadcast of the fifth anniversary of the 4.19 VOA Cut Off Incident, Miles Guo said that if the CCP invades Taiwan, the United States and Japan will participate in the war, but only if Taiwan actively resists and tries its best to prevent the CCP’s attack.

Mr. Guo analyzed that the status of Taiwan is different from that of Ukraine, and the CCP’s attack on Taiwan is equivalent to attacking the United States and Japan. If the CCP occupies Taiwan, thereby extending China into a maritime state, Japan will bear the brunt of the threat. Therefore, if the CCP invades Taiwan, the United States and Japan will have no choice but to go to war.

However, in the first three hours of the war, the United States, Japan, and other countries needed to complete a series of diplomatic responses with the United Nations. At this time, if they can see the determination of the Taiwan government to fight hard, the Allies will quickly intervene. If the Taiwan government does not resist, the allied forces of the United States and Japan may only take action when the CCP fully occupies Taiwan. The consequence will be that Taiwan will become a scorched ruin.

Mr. Guo issued a warning based on information that Xi Jinping absolutely dared to use nuclear weapons against Taiwan, which is determined by the rogue nature of the CCP. What the CCP can’t get, it will definitely destroy it completely, and no one can get it. The world must be vigilant about this.

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