Nancy Pelosi To Visit Taiwan On April 26th, CCP Threats As “Watershed”

On April 21, Miles Guo revealed in an emergency live broadcast from Gettr that Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi will visit Taiwan on April 26. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has threatened that a “watershed” in the U.S. – China relations would occur if the visit were to take place.

Nancy Pelosi had planned to visit Taiwan earlier this month but could not do so due to strong opposition from the CCP. But this time, the U.S. is firm in its plans for the trip, saying it won’t care about any threats from the CCP. Miles warned that Xi Jinping would not hesitate to destroy Taiwan in the face of the collapse of the CCP’s economy, the world’s effort to find the origin of the CCP virus and hold CCP accountable, and the rapid deterioration of U.S. – China relations.

Miles analyzed that April 26 to May 6 is the most dangerous time for Taiwan. Miles reminded the fellow fighters in Taiwan and on the mainland to leave as soon as they could and stay away from the danger.

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