Two Directions Ahead For Chinese People To Choose: Self-help Or Eternity As Slaves

In a live broadcast of Apr 14 on Gettr, Miles Guo stated that Chinese people should introspect on why our compatriots in Shanghai are not standing up against the tyranny of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and why people in Communist China don’t revolt?
People should understand that self-defense and protecting the lives of family members, along with safeguarding one’s dignity, are fundamental rights that God grants every person. Seeing people in Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Changchun descend to unbelievable weakness even after being pushed against the wall by the CCP, will the international community rescue the Chinese people?
No one else can save China but the Chinese themselves. The least we need in China are those influencers, public intellectuals, and experts who are following the CCP, acting as the power of thugs and henchmen,to propagate the so-called patriotism and unification of Taiwan. People in China really need to wake up and be roused.

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