NFSC& ROLF Rescue Team Spends Easter with Over 20 Children

On April 17th, Polish time, the Medyka rescue camp, sponsored by the New Federal State of China (NFSC) and the Rule of Law Foundation (ROLF), hosted 24 people rescued from Ukraine. Majority of them are children. They spent a memorable Easter at the camp with volunteers and other refugees and enjoyed a delicious barbecue dinner.

On the evening of April 17th, a group of 22 children between the ages of 7 to 17 and two adults were rescued from Ukraine by an Italian rescue organization. They arrived at our NFSC camp in the dark, wrapping themselves in blankets, feeling cold and hungry. Our rescue volunteers gave the refugees a very warm welcome and guided them into our warm and spacious tent. Our volunteers served them with barbecues, hot meals, and drinks. The refugees were very impressed by the enthusiastic volunteers from the New Federal State of China and the Rule of Law Foundation.

After dinner and a few hours of rest, the group of 24 refugees got back on the bus to continue another 20-hour journey. Under the escort of the Italian organization Noah’s Ark, the children will arrive at the host families in Italy. Earlier in the day, refugees and volunteers from different international rescue organizations joined the barbecue at our camp and enjoyed an unforgettable Easter holiday. They gave a thumbs up to the hard work of our NFSC volunteers and wished the New Federal State of China success in taking down the Chinese Communist Party.

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