Xi Jinping And Saudi Crown Prince Seek Strategic Ties

It was reported on April 15th that Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Chairman Xi Jinping had a phone conversation with Saudi Arabia’s de facto leader Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on Friday and discussed the “strategic partnership” between the two regimes.

Xi Jinping told Bin Salman that CCP has developed a closer “strategic partnership” with Saudi Arabia and supports Saudi Arabia in maintaining the security and stability of the autocratic regime and respects the ruling position of the Saudi royal family, the CCP media reported. And Xi also supports Bin Salman’s projects such as “Saudi Vision 2030”, which is an infrastructure investment in cooperation between Saudi Arabian Oil and the CCP’s “Belt and Road Initiative”.

According to CCP news reports, Saudi Arabia promised to help and protect the CCP regime from international consequences for its human rights abuse and genocide in Xinjiang, in exchange for the CCP’s support for the dictatorship of the Saudi royal family.

Analysts pointed out that the CCP has purchased about a quarter of Saudi Arabia’s total oil exports and is an important oil trading partner of Saudi Arabia. The Chinese authorities have been working with the Saudi kingdom to challenge the dollar’s oil status by settling the oil trade in RMB. This is a major strategic goal of the CCP’s long-term plan to overthrow the U.S. dollar as the global oil currency.

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