Bannon Says NFSC Ukrainian Frontline Rescue Creates Historic Moment

On April 16th, Steve Bannon mentioned in the show “Wednesday With Steve K. Bannon” that the Ukrainian frontline rescue initiated by the NFSC and the Rule of Law Foundation (ROLF) created a historic moment.

Mr. Bannon said that in this international humanitarian relief operation, the brothers and sisters of the NFSC at the front lines in Eastern Europe have shown the world a new image of the New Chinese. He said that we have seen the Belgian Prime Minister coming to the rescue center, and many young Chinese who do not recognize the CCP is actively influencing the situation. The CCP has a plan for every bad thing it does in order to expand its power and cheer for itself.

On the other hand, the rescue actions of the NFSC are indiscriminate regarding nationality and race and we do not seek any purpose other than saving people. Mr. Bannon is moved by this group of new Chinese people who provided an excellent environment and hospitality services for refugees simply out of humanity. He kept hearing people praising the friendliness and great dedication of frontline brothers and sisters participating in this rescue.

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