NFSC “Take Down CCP” Vests Attracted People With The Same Belief At The Medyka Border

At the frontline in Medyka, Poland, a small yellow vest is becoming one of the dazzling landscapes in the area. The founder of the New Federal State of China, Miles Guo, designs this unique vest for the Ukraine rescue operation, with the statement: “Take down the Chinese Communist Party” and “We are the New Chinese who are taking down the evil Chinese Communist Party.”

On April 15, the frontline reporter Nicole mentioned that a French volunteer wearing the vest said that to eliminate the Communist Pary also his faith. Another volunteer, who is a Taiwanese travel writer, Riti Wang, showed his strong support by wearing the vest while volunteering at the NFSC tent for two weeks.

On April 16, another frontline volunteer Sarah reported that two Spanish who came to the border to donate supplies visited the NFSC tents and asked for our “take down the CCP” vests. She asked why those guests wanted this vest, and they said: “we are going to wear this vest to Communist China, and we want to express our true voice and stance by wearing this vest.”

As Medyka’s frontline volunteers have been spreading the rescue information relentlessly, more and more people came to the NFSC tent.

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