The CCP Use The Epidemic As An Excuse To Get Rid Of Facing Economic Collapse

On April 10, Miles Guo shared the news in the Grand Live Broadcast that Xi Jinping planned to use the epidemic and food shortages as reasons to let the people retain only basic living conditions and have no time to take into account the needs of the people while reducing the Chinese population to defuse the upcoming economic collapse.

Mr. Guo pointed out that China under the rule of the CCP is a food importing country, but on the one hand, overseas sellers are reluctant to risk being sanctioned to continue exporting grain to the CCP; on the other hand, the CCP’s foreign exchange reserves are about to dry up, inability to hoard enough food. However, the evilest part of the CCP is not only this. Even with enough food, it will also use food as a weapon to control the common people. Only senior CCP officials and their families are rich, and the ordinary people can only starve, and even lose their lives.

Mr. Guo further analyzed that Xi Jinping is very clear that the Chinese banks have been unable to pay the deposits of the common people, let alone deal with the wildly rising housing prices. The economic collapse caused by this will trigger a wave of resistance from the common people. In this regard, Xi’s strategy is to turn the economic crisis into a nucleic acid crisis and a food crisis. Using repeated nucleic acid tests to detect waves of so-called positive cases, the people are locked at home and unable to move an inch; and the food shortage is used to let the people find food everywhere every day to maintain basic survival, and disguised wealth in the CCP loses its value.

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