Taiwan’s Military Buys Communist China’s Drones, Risking a ‘Trojan Horse Massacre’

On April 14, Miles Guo exposed on GETTR Grand Live that the drones to be used by Taiwan to fight the CCP’s invasion were actually manufactured by Communist China and sold to the Taiwanese military through Australia. Once war breaks out, these drones will be like a “Trojan horse”, destroying and crushing Taiwan, Taiwan is threatened with extinction.

Miles Guo determined that there are high odds of the CCP invading Taiwan before May. At present, the CCP is carrying out its fiercest prewar ploy on Taiwan’s traitors: giving large amounts of cash in US dollars and gold to some of Taiwan’s top officials. The CCP is also promising that their families will be properly resettled in case of war, and has even hooked up the issue of dividing up the land after the war.

The real danger often comes from inside, Miles Guo said. If the CCP attacks Taiwan, those who will take the first brunt of the attack and betray the Taiwanese people will be the Taiwanese military and intelligence services, which have been bought by the CCP.

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