Ukraine Reports Russian Chemical Weapons Use in Mariupol

On April 12, Ukrainian media quoted a report from a stationing garrison stating that the Russian military used drones to disperse toxic substances on the Azov battalion troops besieged in a steel plant, as the injured suffered from breathing difficulties and nervous system symptoms, a sign of a chemical weapons attack.
According to Defense Department Press Secretary John Kirby, the US is closely monitoring the event. If confirmed, it will represent a significant escalation of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and a direct challenge to NATO operations.
Ukrainian President Zelenskyy delivered a speech late on the 11th, confirming that the Russian military threatened to use chemical weapons in the Mariupol region, where the Azov battalion beset in a steel factory is at stake. Nevertheless, the stationing troops stressed that they would never surrender and would fight til the end.
In the past few days, U.S. officials have been warning the public that Russian Forces are likely to continue their “atrocities,” doubling down on attacks on eastern Ukraine and committing heinous acts similar to the crime of the usage of chemical weapons in Syria’s civil war.
On Monday, Putin appointed Dvornikov, a cold-blooded general who earned the title “The Butcher of Syria” from his military feats made in Syria, to take full command of the war against Ukraine. In this regard, Miles Guo, the founder of the New Federal State of China, is also concerned about an upcoming devastating attack on Ukraine.

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