Epidemic Control In Shanghai Led to Resignation of the Residents’ Committee

In response to the “zero-covid policy,” the Chinese Communist Party authorities have imposed a series of brutal epidemic control in Shanghai, mandating all citizens to “stay at home.”

According to the mandates, the Residents’ Committee is responsible for residents’ daily necessities and medical needs. Many community workers said that the higher-profile leaders would only give orders and would not provide any resources or support to the community.

The staff of the Residents’ Committee was sandwiched between government authorities and the residents. They have been so exhausted that many of them are trying to quit. There have been rumors that in some districts the entire team on a committee plans to resign.

In her resignation letter, Wu Yingchuan, Secretary of the CCP Branch at Changli Garden Community, said that the party officials were almost indifferent to residents who have been under lockdown. Further, no support had been provided from higher-up leaders. The only order she received was to “maintain stability among the residents.” In addition, she said, “we don’t have the necessary resources and capabilities to respond to the needs of thousands of residents.”

As a grassroot staff, she felt helpless when facing the huge dissatisfaction and accusations from the public.

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