E.U. and U.S. to Decouple From Hong Kong, CCP Won’t Have Diplomacy In The Future

On April 12, Miles Guo mentioned in his GETTR video that The European Union and the United States are re-assessing Hong Kong’s trade and economic status. He told his brothers-in-arms that the EU and US may kick Hong Kong’s financial markets out of the international financial system. On top of that, the EU and US may also impose large-scale sanctions on Hong Kong government officials who are pro-Communist-China. The sanctions will be as acute as those imposed on Russia.

The U.S. has escalated its instruction for Shanghai consulate non-essential staff from “authorized departure” to “ordered departure” in just two days. This level of diplomatic evacuation is the first time in the history of Sino-US diplomacy. Miles Guo said that the New Federal State of China was the first one who informed the world about the evacuation of American diplomats.Miles also said that following the sanctions imposed by the EU and US, countries in the rest of the world will slowly but surely decouple from the CCP’s economy, diplomacy, trade, and culture. The CCP will end up with no diplomacy but only internal relations, and eventually, the CCP’s ending is even worse than North Korea.

What happened soon after is that there will be a military confrontation in the East China Sea and the South China Sea. Eastern Europe and Western Europe will also unite to fight back against the CCP and Russia. The wealth, relatives, and illegitimate children of the CCP kleptocrats, which have been transferred overseas, will be severely sanctioned. Miles Guo finally said that those who believe in the Whistleblower Movement and those who are not vaccinated will be the ones to be ultimately benefited. Those who join the New Federal State of China will embrace a better future.

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