Brazilian Humanitarian Relief Efforts To Take In Ukrainian Refugees

According to relevant media on April 13th, the latest report submitted by the Brazilian government demonstrated that during March 2022, Brazil had issued 74 visas and 27 humanitarian residence permits to Ukrainians.

Anderson Torres, Brazilian Minister of Justice and Public Security, pointed out that hosting refugees was a humanitarian act, therefore, the federal government was committed to providing assistance to all Ukrainians who sought security, residence and work rights in Brazil. To this end, in a newly promulgated regulation, the Brazilian Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs would allow the government to issue humanitarian visas and residence permits to help Ukrainians affected by the Russia-Ukraine war. This work currently garnered support from the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the International Observatory for Migration (Obmigra), through which Ukrainian refugees could access relevant information and resources.

It was reported that more than four million Ukrainians had to flee their homeland in order to evade the attack of Russian troops. In this regard, Ukrainian First Lady Olena Zelenska called for other countries to regard the Ukrainian people as members of the world community. Zelenska emphasized that the Russian invasion had ignited the strongest patriotic feelings among Ukrainian children who would undoubtedly become the most loyal patriots and the most resolute guardians of their motherland. Consequently, she implored the people of goodwill and conscience worldwide to help these Ukrainian children and mothers until they could return to their homeland.

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