The CCP Uses Epidemic Prevention to Test the Intensity of Tyranny in Hong Kong

On April 11, The Hong Kong Education Bureau announced that primary schools could resume half-day face-to-face classes in stages as early as April 19, and middle schools will resume classes from May 3. By then, teachers and students in the school will be required to do quick tests before returning to school every day.

The Hong Kong government will only distribute 10 million rapid test kits to families with financial difficulties. However, daily testing will put a lot of financial pressure on families. Deputy Director of the Education Bureau, Christine Choi Yuk-lin, pointed out that it will not cause a major problem to the financial burden of ordinary families and rapid test kits will not be distributed to all students in Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong government has become a puppet of the CCP regime. It has implemented a two-year compulsory epidemic prevention policy in Hong Kong and continuously conducted mandatory tests, which have successfully curbed the power of Hong Kong people to survive. From the mask mandate to the closure of Hong Kong, from the gathering restriction order to the isolation camps, and the vicious cycle of suspension of business and unemployment, resumption of work and reduction of wages, suspension and closure of business, the siege and forced tests and bans never come to an end.

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