Himalaya Coins (HCN) Expected to Be the Earliest and Most Popular Digital Fiat Currency

On April 10, Miles Guo revealed in Gettr’s Grand live broadcast that the only thing that can truly be called a digital currency today is Bitcoin, Ether, and HCN, and that HCN cleverly combines the advantages; and he also said that the essence of all wars, politics, and technological battles lies in capital.

The core reason for Ether as the world’s most valuable digital currency at present is the development of NFT (Non-Homogenized Token), like GFASHION in HCN and HDO ecosystem, NFT is connected with art auction, electronic art, future and meta-universe. The ones who turned the Ether into NFT and legalized the token were Morgan Stanley and JPMorgan Chase of the JPMorgan family, which, including the Rockefeller family, is owned by the Rothschild family. After the introduction of Bitcoin JPMorgan Chase developed the second generation of digital currency Ether, which has been used as a platform to derive many ERC (Ether Token Protocol) tokens.

The only things that can really be called digital currencies today are Bitcoin, Ether, and HCN (Hcoin). Bitcoin is the digital currency design that opened the world towards the network virtual era and revolutionized the traditional fiat currency on its way to coexist with the fiat currency period.

The second-generation digital currency, Ether, collects various superiorities, enhances encryption, and cooperates with NFT to complete online and offline payment.

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