Taiwan Ministry of National Defense Preparing for CCP Invasion

In the early morning of April 12 in Taipei, residents were awakened by the loud roar of warplanes, which sparked widespread discussion among the Taiwanese people. Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense said it was a “joint flight drill,” simulating a sudden strike by the military forces from Communist China. AH-64 Apache attack helicopters, the General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcons, and the IDF Ching-Kuo multirole fighters were dispatched over the periphery of Taipei without warning to examine the emergency response capabilities of the three armed forces and air defense units.

On April 12, Taiwan’s Military of National Defense held a virtual press conference to announce the first wartime action guide, National Defense Handbook Template. The Guide had been in planning since last year and was referring to similar content published in Sweden, Japan and other countries. It provides information that is more suitable for people in Taiwan to prepare and respond in the event of a sudden military crisis or emergency disaster.

The Communist China’s invasion of Taiwan could occur at any time. Although the Taiwanese government has not explicitly issued a broad warning to the public, its Ministry of National Defense and all levels of government are actively coordinating to defend against the CCP’s invasion.

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