Miles Guo Talks Again About The Value Of Courage

In the live broadcast on April 10, Miles Guo pointed out that the current European assistance to Ukraine is based on the brave resistance of Ukrainians.

Miles explained that the contagious power that courage exudes has no boundaries like an endless universe. In Western civilized societies, everyone has the instinct to protect the weak and help others. The bravery of the Ukrainian people has awakened the sense of conscience and justice in Europe and the United States. When public opinion was overwhelmingly in favor of the weak Ukraine, the Western democratically elected governments decisively chose to cut ties with Russia in terms of political, economic and military. This led many people to discuss that Ukraine may likely break Russia apart at the end of the war.

Miles Guo also emphasized that it was the courage displayed by Hong Kong people in 2019 that made western societies realize the evil of the communist regime and began to draw a clear line with the CCP. He calls on both Taiwanese and Chinese compatriots to learn from the courage of Hong Kong people and Ukrainians, don’t be patient and wait. Everyone must stand up against the CCP.

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