The Lockdown Of Shanghai: A Repeat Of The CCP’s “Great Famine” Disaster In the 1960s.

The Three-Year Famine in China under the Communist Party lasted, from 1959 to 1961, when the Chinese Communist Party, led by Mao Zedong, violated the laws of social development by industrializing the Great Leap Forward implementing mandatory canteens in rural areas. The three-years was the worst famine in human history, resulting in tens of millions of deaths from starvation.

In response to Mao’s call for a Great Leap Forward, governments at all levels of Communist China scrambled to report grain yields of 10,000 catty per Mu falsely. And falsification became the norm everywhere. The Communist government levied grain from localities in proportion to the reported output, and grassroots cadres forced farmers to hand over grain, even scavenging their rations, forcing mandatory canteens to stop providing food, and starvation deaths occurred one after another. Many people fled the famine to save themselves, and the Communist Party ordered the militia to block the roads to the countryside, not allowing the starving villagers to beg for food elsewhere to prevent news of the starvation deaths from getting out. In the Xinyang region of Henan Province, there were even humane tragedies of cannibalism and child-eating.

In March 2022, Shanghai declared a significant epidemic outbreak, and local officials took measures to close the city in response to Xi’s clearing policy. However, the communist party prohibited Shanghai residents from going out by deploying many police and a large number of soldiers armed with long guns into Shanghai to besiege various residential areas.

The residents who tried to flee were brutally beaten and arrested. Some residents complained that they could not buy vegetables and food at all. They were close to the dilemma of food shortages and cried out that there was no water and no food. Some people pushed the refrigerator to the balcony and showed that the fridge was empty to protest. Many lost their lives due to the loss of assistance. Others commit suicide because they could not bear it.

Comparing the two events, the CCP’s current “epidemic zero-tolerance policy” is almost a remnant of the CCP’s great famine in the 1960s. The Chinese Communist Party system always puts the will of the Supreme Leader above the lives of the people, and even if it sacrifices 1.4 billion people, it must meet its demands alone. As a result, the Chinese communist party is the source of all evil in the world, and unless we eliminate the CCP, disasters will repeat themselves. 

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