Taiwan Weapons Exports Act Would Accelerate US Arms Sales To Taiwan

On April 7th, US Senator Josh Hawley introduced the Taiwan Weapons Exports act which would expedite Congressional approval and eliminate administrative roadblocks in response to the military crisis in the Taiwan Strait that may occur at any time.

At current stage, US arm exports are divided into two categories. Taiwan falls under the second category of general countries. Under this category, arms sales are subject to stricter purchase limits and longer time of review. Once the CCP invades Taiwan, Taiwan would not be able to obtain necessary military assistance in a timely manner. The Act proposes to designate Taiwan as a member in the first category, alongside other major US allies and partners, including NATO member states, Japan, Australia, South Korea and India, so Taiwan would have priority in arms export review.

Under emergency conditions, the administrative review process could be shortened by 35 days to 55 days. Analysts pointed out that the act, if passed, would help Taiwan to quickly obtain advanced weaponry and tactical guidance in times of emergency. Moreover, the act will also enable Taiwan-US arms sales to be legalized and normalized.

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