Russian Soldier’s Sexual Violence Toward Infants Stirs Outrage

It was reported on April 11th that a 25-year-old Russian soldier recently committed the bestial act of sexually assaulting a baby, and took a video of himself to share with others. After the exposure of the news sparked outrage, the Russian authorities had to arrest the soldier under powerful public pressure. It is said that the soldier from the North Caucasus region of Russia, named Aleksey Bychkov, was sent to the frontline of the 64044th unit to which he belonged after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Reports indicate that Bychkov recorded the sexual assault of the young baby and then used social media to share it with others to watch. In the video, he used various objects to put into the victim’s anus, with tongue licking and stroking and even made a victory gesture to the camera. The film was exposed and immediately attracted a tremendous amount of attention, and Russian authorities were forced to arrest Bychkov under heavy public pressure on April 9th. The incident quickly triggered a wave of internet opinion. Netizens expressed that such behavior simply cannot be forgiven. Some users said they did not dare to watch the film because just the literal description made people feel heartbroken, and some even said that Bychkov should be burned in hell.

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