Katyn Massacre Repeated In Bucha

“In 1940, the NKVD (the Soviet secret police) carried out the mass executions of Polish prisoners of war, known as the Katyn Massacre. The massacre was proposed by Lavrentiy Beria and approved by the Soviet Politburo led by Stalin. Nearly 22,000 military officers and intelligentsia captured during the Soviet invasion of Poland were executed, and it was covered up until German forces found some mass graves in Katyn Forest in 1941. The Soviet Union officially denied the Katyn massacre until 1990, when then-Polish President Jaruzelski’s visit.

Historical scholars believe that Stalin’s aim was to weaken the military power of a potential rival through the mass execution of Polish military personnel. Bucha is a distant town in the Ukrainian city of Kyiv, which was captured by Russia after its aggression against Ukraine. After Russian troops retreated from a failed attack on Kyiv, a large number of civilians were found murdered in the streets of Bucha, many were excuted with their hands tied, while others were shot while driving and riding bicycles.

In another location, hundreds of civilians were killed and buried indiscriminately in a large pit. Since the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine, the Russian forces have created a large number of heinous and brutal crimes against Ukrainian civilians. They broke into houses, killed all the men, then savagely raped or gang-raped the women, even underage girls. In Poland, a Polish woman who received 40 children from Bucha and other places, said that those children were intentionally spared after their parents were executed and raped in front of them, to engrave the fear of Russia. Some kids even ended up with their teeth extracted by Russian troops.

The massacres and mass rape atrocities in Bucha committed by Russian troops against the Ukrainian civilians during the invasion were clearly planned and ordered by the Russian top cadres in order to terrorize the unyielding nation of Ukraine, just like the Katyn massacre. When the news broke, it shocked the world, and the EU, the U.S. and other Western countries strongly condemned the brutal acts committed by the Russian army in Ukraine and demanded a thorough investigation of its crimes against humanity.”

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