Japanese Media Focuses On New Round Of Brainwashing By The CCP In Education

On 6 April local time, the Japanese media reported that the CCP had not only tightened its control of public opinion on the Russian aggression against Ukraine but also had even launched a new round of brainwashing through education.

The video shown in the Japanese media shows the teacher from the Communist China blaming the Russian invasion on Ukrainian political corruption, depleted economy, the government’s murder of Russians along with the Nazis, and the eastward expansion of NATO, and other reasons invented by the Russian side.A circular issued by the Shandong provincial government to all primary schools to universities asked teachers to accurately understand the ” principal stance ” of the CCP on the situation in Russia and Ukraine. At the end of the video, Shaanxi province even prepares a lesson planning meeting for teachers of Civic Studies entitled “Guiding students to correctly understand the situation in Ukraine”, demanding unity of thoughts.

Analysts pointed out that the CCP has consistently used the distribution of official notices, press releases and decades of brainwashing education to turn black and white upside down, make people lose their ability to think and make logical judgments, and maintain a high degree of ideological consistency, in order to achieve a dictatorial rule that fools and enslaves the people and to stabilize the regime. The brainwashing tactics in the matter of the Russia-Ukraine war have sparked increasingly widespread overseas media attention and exposure.

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