Putin appoints ‘butcher of Syria’ to fight in Ukraine’s eastern region

According to foreign media reports, on April 9, following a series of military setbacks in Ukraine, Russian President Putin appointed the ‘Butcher of Syria,’ Gen. Dvornikov, as a commander in charge of combat in Donbas, hoping to revitalize the Russian offensive to conquer the region.

Prior to the appointment of 60-year-old Gen. Dvornikov, Russia relied on an independent command chain to coordinate its invasion operations, with most strategic decisions coming directly from the Kremlin, causing the incapacity of any single commander to oversee the entire situation. Being inability to occupy the Ukrainian capital, Moscow has shifted its military focus to the eastern Donbas region, where conditions are more favorable to Russian forces, including Donetsk and Luhansk.

General Dvornikov is reportedly infamous for his brutal actions in Syria.

The Kremlin aspires to achieve some form of victory by May 9, the anniversary of its victory in World War II. However, the belligerent Russians have yet to see any triumphs.

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