Solomon Islands does not Allow CCP Military Presence

“Recently, Prime Minister Solomon said that Solomon would not allow the Chinese Communist Party to establish military bases in the country.

It is reported that the Pacific island country Solomon has signed a security agreement with the CCP to expand the CCP’s military control in the Indo-Pacific region. Prime Minister Solomon has not disclosed more details of the agreement.

Countries such as Micronesia and New Zealand have warned Solomon that the security agreement with the CCP will disrupt long-term regional security, and the battle between the United States and the CCP will be reflected here.

The CCP has repeatedly violated international credibility and stationed the military for commercial purposes. The CCP has established 20 military positions in the South China Sea, and the same path may be repeated in the Pacific Islands. The CCP already owns a port in Sri Lanka and falsely claims that it is not for military purposes. As early as 2018, CCP proposed to redevelop the naval base in Papua New Guinea, but the move was rejected and transferred to Australia.

Australia said that the security of Solomon Islands threatens Australia and countries that do not belong to the Pacific region, such as the CCP, should not interfere in the national security cause of the region.”

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