Putin and Xi Jinping have to Face three Irreversible Issues

During the grand live broadcast, Miles Guo pointed out that after the Russia-Ukraine war had lasted more than one month, Russia invader Putin as well as his benefactor and proponent Xi Jinping had to face three irreversible issues.

First, the health conditions of Putin and Xi Jinping rapidly deteriorated; Second, Russian and the communist China’s economy would inevitably slide into continuing recession in the next five to ten years; Finally, it would be difficult for Russian and Chinese people to earn international recognition once again in the coming decades, or even in the next century.

Miles said Putin and Xi Jinping waged the aggressive war against Ukraine for the purpose of maintaining dictatorship and forcibly dragged the people of both countries into the unjustified invasion, which provoked the hatred and anger of the kind, righteous and peace-loving people in other countries.

In the meantime, Russian and Chinese people’s strong opposition to Putin and Xi’s brutal dictatorship, together with the western economic sanctions against Russia and the Chinese Communist Party, contributed to the citizens’ loss of confidence in future economic growth of both nations.

In this regard, Miles emphasized that in light of the ongoing war, Russian and Chinese people had to choose to stand with Ukraine and make every effort to disseminate the views around the world that neither Putin who waged the aggression nor Xi Jinping who supported the invasion could represent the will and desire of the people. Meanwhile, the real way forward to save all the innocent people of Russia and Communist China was putting an end to the was as soon as possible.

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