Large numbers of troops station to Shanghai for stability maintenance

According to Reuters, the CCP authorities dispatched more than 2,000 military medical personnel to Shanghai between Apr 3rd and 4th to help enforce CCP virus tests for all its 26 million residents.

It was learnt that about 38,000 healthcare workers from provinces such as Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Beijing have been dispatched to Shanghai. Shanghai began a two-stage lockdown since last week where all residents were confined to their homes and asked to implement self-test every day. According to some anonymous citizens, many armed police forces have arrived in Shanghai to participate in “maintaining social stability”. They imposed lockdown on the compounds, with guns in their hands, in the name of preventing and controlling social unrest. A scholar from Puxi, Shanghai said there was an armed police checkpoint at the gate of his community in order to prevent residents from climbing over the wall or walking around freely. One SWAT member with a gun is deployed at the gate of each compound in case of social instability in Shanghai. The current situation in Shanghai can be described as double squeezes, the authorities cannot attend to one thing without neglecting the other.

The CCP’s National Health Commission issued a circular on its official website saying that considering persistent high level of daily new cases, Shanghai should stick to the dynamic clearance policy, which had already demonstrated several humanitarian drawbacks. The measures taken have also been widely questioned by citizens, condemning the inhuman measures of separating infected children from their parents.

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