Humanity Will Usher In A New Era Following The Russian-Ukrainian War And Vaccine Disaster

Miles Guo stated in a live broadcast on April 3 that, following the Russian-Ukrainian war and the vaccine disaster, humanity will see a new era with energy reformation, digitalization of lifestyles, and stem cell therapies. A new human civilization will emerge from the New Federal State of China (NFSC).The Russian-Ukrainian war will lead to the dissolution of Russia and Communist China, and the people of the NFSC will have the strength and legitimacy to dialog with any parties in the world.

After the vaccine disaster, the world will usher in an era full of revolutions, such as the energy reformation, the digital lifestyle, the Metaverse, stem cell therapies, and digital currencies. The world’s landscapes and strategic patterns will change dramatically.In addition, Elon Musk’s brain nervous system, Tesla and Space (X), and other technological advancements have transformed human communication and transportation. New energy will be created by companies in the US, UK, Japan, and Ukraine.Given the coming vaccine disaster, the US will deregulate stem cells as disasters and technologies catalyze the tombstone civilization. Human beings’ continuation through the hybrid of different races will usher in an era not defined by races, religions, or regions, a trend coupled with digitization and biotechnology that will entirely break the integration of trade, politics, and geography, leading to the unification of human races.

A new generation of humans, led by masters rather than emperors, will march into outer space. The people of the NFSC will witness this significant and glorious era, and their unvaccinated posterity will enjoy lasting prosperity.

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