People Of The NFSC Win Honor and Safety For Chinese

On April 4, Miles Guo solemnly proclaimed during his live broadcast that people of the New Federal States of China (NFSC) have won a global honor and safety for all oversea Chinese people. Frontline Fellow fighters in Ukraine have set up a new image for the New Federal State of China people.

Dozens of fellow fighters have responded to the call for rescue operation initiated by NFSC and the Rule of Law Foundation. They courageously signed up and bid goodbye to their loved ones. Risking their own lives, they embarked on an unknown journey and quickly reached the border of Ukraine. The fellow fighters sent messages back to the home team from the front line, and live broadcast of 360 degrees of the real situation to the world. This allows the frontline and home teams make timely adjustments. So, the utilization of the rescue places, materials, and means of rescue can be maximized, and Ukrainian refugees can have the best reception possible.

The frontline fellow fighters who contracted CCP virus received the most professional doctor’s guidance and treatment, which made the fellow fighter are more united and the rescue mission can continue with great love. The friendly cooperation between the fellow fighters and international organizations, the exchange of visits with global journalists, and the emotional exchanges with Ukrainian refugees have moved the heart of many. With a passion and a kind heart, the fellow fighters shared their love, made new friends and gained more people joining NFSC. They have truly won honor and safety for all Chinese.

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