Liaoning TV Anchor Silenced and Punished for Reminding the Public about Severe Epidemics

As reported by Sina news on April 5, Zhu Xia—a well-known TV anchor for Liaoning TV’s Metropolitan Channel—has been suspended, removed from her position as a TV hostess, and fired from her job as the broadcast director. Her personal social media account also stops updating.

The news indicated that during her personal account’s live broadcast on a short video platform, Zhu Xia emphasized pessimistic views on the “Huanggu District,” reminded the people to be more careful when they go out for virus PCR tests, and remarked that “We are not allowed to disclose the cause of the severe epidemics.”

The news accused her of deliberately causing public panic. According to the news, while Zhu is a very influential local TV anchor, she forgot she becomes popular by relying on Liaoning TV’s program and the entire TV station’s endorsement. Her sentence “We are not allowed to disclose the cause of the severe epidemics” has caused the entire media sector in Liaoning Province to lose public trust. The news said Zhu has caused big trouble this time!

Zhu was suspended for telling the truth. Almost all public figures in Communist China appear to be lying. Under the Chinese Communist Party’s system of fraud and boasting, nobody can survive without lying; officials from the top rank to the bottom level all lie; the common people suffer in the end. From Wuhan in the beginning, to today’s Shanghai, the whole world is watching as Communist China’s official media lied and covered up the truth. The CCP has lost public support. We hope the regime will end soon!

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